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Prospect: The artist behind Cloud City Art/Sneaker Dreams

East Coast born (Georgetown, Wash DC) but growing up in the Bay Area, I made my name being one of the most prolific t-shirt artists to come out of the Bay. Most known for my airbrush work done for Mistah Fab and most of all the Bay Area rappers (from J-Stalin to E-40 to Nump to Keak Da Sneak and everyone in between including all the biggest DJ's) I've also had had the chance to work with Lil Wayne, Lloyd Banks, Damian Marley, Nas, Joh Legend, Wu-Tang, Hulk Hogan and others.

Towards the end of my t-shirt career, I had evolved into more than just the "airbrush guy", and began using all the different media I picked up on like acrylic painting and glitter usage and applied them to canvas. Cloud City Art is the combination of everything I've picked up on during the years: the result being a new style of mixed media on canvas.

Putting down my airbrush when I moved to Colorado, I re-invented my style and art thru my canvas work using my love for sneakers as an influence and have my own genre of art called Sneaker Dreams. Alongside, Sneaker Dreams is also becoming a brand in itself having produced our own line of Nike Elite socks, womens leggings and t-shirts.

What Cloud City Art offers:

Custom art is the main service offered, but that isn't limited to canvases, I also love to do flyers (for web and print), and I'll crank out a logo every once in a while. You can send me an email from my contact page and inquiry about anything youd like to have done.

Projects: A portfolio of my work thru the years

Canvas Art

Currently gathering all of my best work. You can see the work on the home page gallery or checking out my IG gallery at

Graphic Work


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CLOUDCITYART AND Sneaker Dreams news and updates

We are now LIVE!

7 Feb 2014

Still working on some sections but the new Cloud City Art v2.0 is now live! Thanks to everyone that has supported my work.